TU Dean of Students threatens expulsion after reports of student parties amid pandemic

Calls student behavior “indefensible” and “truly shameful”

Kenny Kuhn
July 07, 2020 - 1:57 pm

Students at Tulane University got a verbal-whipping from Dean of Students, Erica Woodley today.

Woodley was not happy about reports of students hosting parties and large gatherings over the weekend, where she says students were not wearing masks nor social distancing.

She voiced her disappointment in the student’s behavior in a mass email to the university student body.

“Over the weekend, in spite of our pleas to the contrary, many of our students living in New Orleans chose to have parties and large gatherings where social distancing wasn't being practiced and face masks weren't being worn. They then saw fit to post this all-over social media. This comes on the heels of national news attention about super spreader events. These events were disruptive to our neighbors and drew a lot of very negative attention to Tulane. The behaviors of the student hosts and those who chose to attend these parties was disrespectful, selfish and dangerous and not in line with Tulane values. This type of behavior is indefensible and truly shameful.”

Woodley emphasized her frustration by saying any student hosting parties with more than 15 people will face expulsion.

“The calculation is simple - If you want to have a residential experience at Tulane in the fall, you have to behave differently. This means, no large gatherings (+15 people), and at all times wearing masks in public spaces, practicing social distancing and washing your hands. We are finishing our complete enforcement plan for the fall, but it is clear that this message had to be delivered immediately. DO NOT HOST PARTIES OR GATHERINGS WITH MORE THAN 15 PEOPLE, INCLUDING THE HOST. IF YOU DO, YOU WILL FACE SUSPENSION OR EXPULSION FROM THE UNIVERSITY.”

Woodley ends her email to the students by saying, "Do you really want to be the reason that Tulane and New Orleans have to shut down again?"


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