French Quarter: Tourist trap, or real neighborhood?

Chris Miller
September 19, 2018 - 7:34 am

A travel web site says New Orleans' famed French Quarter is among 30 destinations to be avoided at all costs because it's a tourist trap! 

According to the travel site Far and Wide:

All anyone ever talks about regarding New Orleans is how charming it is, and given what the city has been through in the last 15 years, with Hurricane Katrina decimating it, we’re all for its charms being celebrated. But the French Quarter is not charming. It’s full of visiting day drinkers and businesses that use sleaze to sell more drinking. Other areas of the city, like Algiers and the Garden District, are far more enticing and authentic.  

New Orleans Tourism and Marketing Corporation President Mark Romig says if all one sees when they visit the French Quarter is adult beverages, they aren't taking too good a look.

"It's important to remember the French Quarter is where a lot of people live and it is a wonderful place to visit," said Romig. "I think it's the wrong view of the wonderful aspects of the French Quarter. Certainly there are aspects of the French Quarter that are more adult oriented, but it's a great family destination as well."

Romig says the quarter is home to a lot more than beer-to-go.

"It has within its boundaries the oldest family run restaurant in the country" added Romig. "It's got probably the premiere antiques corridor in the nation, it has wonderful museums, it has some of the most fantastic hotels you can find in the nation."

The web site's list also included New York's Times Square, Ireland's Blarney Stone Castle, the Roman Coliseum, and the Mona Lisa hanging in Paris' Louvre museum as tourist traps to avoid.

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