Too many robocalls & mailouts, voters ready for it to end

Most say they've already made their decision as to who they are voting for

Jim Hanzo
October 10, 2019 - 8:47 am

Erica Finstad-Getty


We are 2 days away from the election and voters have been inundated with mailouts, flyers, robocalls, and commercials, not to mention all the billboards and signs in yards.  

And now with just days before the election, those mailouts, commercials and calls are hitting us from all directions.  

We talked with a few folks in New Orleans and Metairie and most say they are ready for this election to come to an end.  

"It seems like the calls and the amount of mail from candidates are much worse this election than in years past," said one lady we talked to.  

This man said he's over it at this point.
"Absolutely, I don't even check my mail anymore," he said.  "All my bills are past due.  A lot of mailouts and the phone rings constantly."    

"I am so tired of the commercials on TV and all those flyers in my mailbox, along with the emails, it's just too much," said one woman. 

I'm going to vote but they are not going to influence me by call me 300 times a day, another voter said. 

"I'm ready for it to be over because my wife and I have known for weeks who we are going to vote for, so this is just a waste of the Post Office's time and money," one man replied.  

Most people we talked to said the last minute deluge is doing them no good.  

The Primary election is Saturday.  

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