Tom Fitzmorris: Leah Chase was revered around the world

Jim Hanzo
June 03, 2019 - 4:17 pm

Leah Chase who died Saturday was a special lady who loved her city.  WWL's food expert Tom Fitzmorris said everybody knew the Queen of Creole cooking.  

She was known and revered around the world, Fitzmorris said.  I'm not exaggerating, she was known everywhere she went, certainly in New Orleans and Louisiana and America in general.
Fitzmorris said when it came to cooking, she was unique.  

"She would reinvent the wheel in many cases," he said.  "She sort of singlehandedly brought back to life Gumbo Z'herbes which is not a dish that you saw a lot of in New Orleans but it was authentic.  And she was a real believer in authenticity of local cuisine, and as a matter of fact, local everything."  

And what could you expect to eat if you dined out at her restaurant, Dooky Chase?

"I think we would start off with some gumbo, and we would have some fried chicken and probably something along the lines of brisket and sausages mixed in with a red sauce, a pretty good amount of spice and quite a lot of seafood," Fitzmorris added.  

Leah Chase was 96.

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