Tips for home-school teachers during difficult times

The time you spend is important

WWL Newsroom
March 25, 2020 - 7:24 pm
Home School

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With Schools closed, possibly for the rest of the year, many parents with children in school are apprehensive about home-schooling. New Orleans Public Schools' first-grade teacher, Grace Doll, understands how this responsibility can be daunting and has some advice, “Read whatever books you have on hand, look at old photographs and teach your children about their family history.”

How much time you spend with each student, really depends on the child and how long it takes to adjust to this new type of curriculum; and don’t forget recess!

If you or the student get a little bored or stir crazy, Ms. Doll says, “Sing some songs, dance, play some games. There is a recess app available on ROKU or your computer called Go Noodle which is an online recess app, and there is no touching of any public playground equipment.”

Recess is just as important as the other R’s when it comes to home-schooling. An added bonus; Recess gives kids and the parents a much-needed distraction from the current crisis.

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