Time ticking away to get property tax assessment reviewed

Chris Miller
August 13, 2019 - 8:31 pm

Getty Images - KathyKafka


Time is running out for New Orleans property owners to appeal their tax assessments.

As some New Orleans neighborhoods have shot up in value, more than a few homeowners are finding greatly increased tax assessments. Tax Assessor Errol Williams said some home owners have been able to convince him he may have overshot the mark:

"We've been able to get a substantial number of settlements, with the people come in, once they bring in the evidence," he said. 

Williams says they looked at three years worth of sales data to make their estimates, but they know there are extenuating circumstances, you just need to show them.

"If you've got damage to the property, photographs, we look for that," he said. "If you've got foundation problems, you need to present that information."

But it's evidence that he needs to see -- some indication that a property is worth less that what his office estimated. He said some people have been coming in with little more than their say-so.

"If our numbers are wrong because we looked at the property and graded it wrong, condition-wise, then we make adjustments for that."

The deadline to formally appeal tax assessments is August 22.

Click here for more information from the New Orleans Assessor's office.


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