Tiger fans are looking ahead to scoring tickets for the postseason.

SeatGeek says average tickets for SEC Championship averaging about $500 a ticket

Jim Hanzo
November 21, 2019 - 8:41 am

With 2 games remaining in the season and the chance of LSU clinching the SEC west Tiger fans already have their eyes on grabbing some playoff tickets to the SEC Championship game.   

The SEC Championship game will be held in Atlanta on December 7.  But what is the process for getting tickets?  Chris Leyden with SeatGeek.com on what the ticket prices are going for.  

"The average tickets are going for probably around 500 dollars, maybe 550 right now, but if you want to get down into those better seats behind the sideline, you're going to be spending more than a thousand dollars a ticket and so it really is kind of all over the place," said Leyden.   "I think Georgia is making that market hotter than it would be otherwise because it is in essence a local team but it will be interesting to see when LSU officially clinches if we see the market move at all.  Honestly at this point most people assume that LSU is going to make it." 

And then Tiger fans always love to travel to whichever Bowl Game LSU ends up in, possibly the Peach or Fiesta, those are the playoff games on December 28.  Leyden says some fans may hold off on the SEC championship or the Bowl game and take their chances hoping that LSU makes it to the National Championship game in the Superdome on January 13 and they can make the drive down and spend more on tickets. 

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