Another chilly day in store, but with sunshine, finally!

Jim Hanzo
November 15, 2018 - 6:31 am

It is COLD this morning.  But there will be something we haven't seen in a while on Thursday.  Sunshine finally returns.  

"We are going to see a little bit of a warm-up into the afternoon but not really warm overall," said WWL-TV meteorologist Dave Nussbaum.   

It will be clear and chilly and another night of really cold temperatures with lows on the northshore around 32, and south of the lake around 39.  

Here is the WWL-TV Pinpoint forecast:


Sunny and cool. Highs around 53. Wind NW 5-10 mph.


Clear, cold and frosty. Lows north around 32 with a light freeze and frost, and south around 39 with some frost. Wind NW 3-5 mph.


Sunny and cool. Highs around 62. Wind W 5-10 mph.


Sunny and milder. Chilly lows north around 39 with some frost, and south around 45. Highs around 69.


Mostly sunny and warmer. Chilly lows north around 43 and south around 50. Highs around 72.


Partly cloudy and mild. Chilly lows north around 46 and south around 53. Highs around 69.


Partly cloudy and cool. Lows north around 50 and south around 55. Highs around 68.


Partly cloudy and mild with a 20% chance for a late-day shower. Lows north around 50 and south around 55. Highs around 70.


Mostly cloudy and mild with a 30% chance for spotty showers and storms. Lows around 52. Highs around 70.

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