Losing sucks more than winning rocks

Chris Miller
August 10, 2018 - 6:26 am

It turns out the thrill of victory isn't as long lasting as the agony of defeat. A study out of England finds a loss affects our mood more than a win.

Sure, winning makes you happy, but not as happy as losing makes you sad, according to research from the University of Sussex, England. 

LSU psychologist Michelle Moore says the problem is how much we hype ourselves up for the game. We're already at a pretty high level before the ball is ever put into play.

"You get to the stadium, you celebrate before the game even starts, you get excited about the win, right?" said Moore. "That build-up is so intense, and so as soon as the win happens, it's over. That's what you were looking for. You got what you wanted."

A loss only crashes our mood that much deeper. So how do we avoid it? Try to not hype yourself up so much pre-game.

"You go into a game with a neutral stance of 'we're just going to see what happens,' so then you're not getting yourself psyched up that this is definitely going to be a win, and you're not just automatically assuming it's going to be a loss," said Moore. "You're trying to stay neutral."

But she acknowledges that getting the Who Dat Nation to settle down before a game is much easier said then done.

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