Thanks COVID-19: A slice of Reginelli's Pizza is gone

Local chain forced to close Uptown location

Thomas Perumean
May 23, 2020 - 12:48 pm
Thanks COVID-19: A slice of Reginelli's is gone

There's a slice missing from Reginelli's Pizza:  The long time local pizza chain has permanently shuttered their location at Magazine and Toledano. 

The store previously served Uptown for 17-years. 

According to the Times-Picayune/New Orleans Advocate, owner Darryl Reginelli stated:  "Truthfully, the rent has gone up a lot, and the whole situation with the complexity of everything, it felt like it was the best thing to let it go," Reginelli said.

"We were sad to close it, but it was a decision we made to keep everything going as it is now," he lamented. 

The long-time restauranteur also cited the damaged economy due to COVID-19 and the fact there is another Reginelli’s Pizza location in close proximity as reasons for the decision. 

Reginelli says the blow of closing the location is tempered by the ability to absorb the stores employees into the rest of the Reginelli’s chain.

He also says his chain of pizza eateries is weathering the coronavirus pandemic because many of the workers have been able to pivot from in-store to delivery resources. 

Reginelli told the paper: "I’m humbled by the people who have stood behind us -- customers and employees.  We’re looking forward to a return [of dining out] like everybody is."

Despite the closure, there are nine other Reginelli locations working with hot ovens and welcoming servers. 

Reginelli says the other Uptown locations at State and Magazine and on Poydras will take over the responsibly for the lost location.

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