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Texas writer: New LSU AD brings winning legacy

April 18, 2019 - 1:48 pm

Matt Doyle | WWL.com

Baton Rouge boy Scott Woodward is coming home to take over LSU Athletics after a four-year run as Texas A&M’s Athletic Director. Woodward is renown for putting A&M sports back on the map with the hiring of football coach Jimbo Fisher and basketball coach Buzz Williams. Robert Cessna with AggieSports.com says he’s a real winner.

“He got results. He hires two high profile coaches for the biggest sports, and goes out and hits a home run really with everybody.”

Cessna also praised Woodward for his work on the softball team, getting the stadium ready in time for the senior class.

LSU tried and failed to lure Fisher in 2015, but Woodward managed to seal the deal a year later with a ten-year, 75 million dollar deal. Woodward will be tasked with beating the organization he just helped rebuild, but for now he’ll be doing it with a coach he didn’t hire…

“It’s an interesting dynamic because he’ll be judged over there (LSU), where it’s all about football. He’s got to have somebody, for the guy he hired, to beat.”

The LSU/A&M rivalry has been heating up over the years, and last year exploded in a physical altercation between coaches at the end of a controversial Tiger loss to end the regular season. Cessna says get ready for an even more heated competition.

“It’s gonna amp it up even more, and you know LSU can’t wait for A&M to get down there in November, and who would have thought that the AD sitting up in the box would be Scott Woodward, but he’d be sitting on the other side!”

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