Terminal Tourism: Getting access to all of the good stuff at Armstrong

New program will allow non-passengers to go beyond TSA Checkpoint

Thomas Perumean
November 18, 2019 - 5:51 am


If you've visited the new terminal at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, you'll realize while its big and broad, unless you're taking a flight, all the things that brought you there are out of your reach.

That's about to change.  In the coming weeks the airport will roll out a program on their webpage called MSY Guest Pass.  

"The users of the program will be able to go on to our website, sign up, 24-hours in advance to reserve a spot," Airport Director Kevin Dolliole says.  "Then we begin the vetting process.  And when they arrive, they proceed to the Customer Service counter on the lower level, and they'll be issued a pass."

Visitors take the pass and go through the TSA Checkpoint, after that they can access all the big name restarants and shops travellers get to patronize.  

MSY Guest Pass is a program like ones currently in use at just three other airports in the country at Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Tampa Bay.  

When it comes online in a few weeks, this will open up the new terminal for everyone to enjoy, according to Dolliole.  "We really wanted to open up the airport to the community.  So they can come in and see and taste and smell this brand new state-of-the-art facility."  

It also puts New Orleans ahead of the curve in technology, security, and access.  Called Terminal Tourism, the idea of allowing everyone to use the airport as more than just a transportation facility transforms the terminal into an attraction.  

With a billion dollar price tag monetizing the new terminal for everyone, not just the traveller, is a new way to help the facility earn its keep.  

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