Telehealth trend is growing, helping patients online

Some N.O. area schools teaming up with Children's Hospital to provide care

Jim Hanzo
August 21, 2019 - 9:16 am

Medical examinations are becoming available by telehealth,  where a patient visits a doctor through a screen.  

It's being seen more and more, as doctors can connect with their patients through an online service, almost like Facetime.  Children's Hospital will now provide telehealth services to some schools in New Orleans.  It's a way for doctors to effectively treat patients with minor conditions.  

Dr. Aaron Martin with Children's Hospital New Orleans Pediatric Urology and who will be the doctor handling telehealth at Children's says telehealth is just getting started and is growing.  

"I think we are kind of beyond the trend," Martin said.  "It's one of those things where people have to be educated about, people have to be comfortable with, and realize that this is stuff that we can accomplish through the means of technology."

Martin says it essentially brings back the 'house call.'

"Telehealth is a huge field," Martin added.  "It goes from seeing patients in a school to seeing patients at their home which is another thing we do with over 13 specialties now to monitoring vitals in chronically ill patients." 

Martin says it will continue to be one of the tools that doctors use to make care better.

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