Tax or tolls for roads and bridges?

David Blake
April 03, 2019 - 4:16 pm

New rankings place Louisiana 37th in the nation for the worst roads and 39th for the worst bridges.  The Louisiana legislature is again faced with the ongoing dilemma
of how to pay for crumbling infrastructure.

State Representative Steve Carter talked about the lousy rankings.

''That is bad, it's no good, the people voted on the dollars we're still paying four cents a gallon to get the job done,'' said Carter.

Carter supports a phased in hike in the gasoline tax.

''It will start off with a six cent increase and every other year it will increase two cents which will eventually take it to 18 cents,'' Carter said.

Carter says we haven't raised the gas tax for some 25 plus years, and now face a $17 billion backlog in infrastructure, whether it's roads, bridges, or new construction. 

On tolls, Robert Poole is Director of Transportation for the Reason Foundation.

''This is a case for selectively using tolls to start getting Louisiana in the top half instead of the bottom half for how poor the highways are,'' Poole said.

Both men agree something must be done.

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