City auction of tax liens starts today

Annual sell off takes place on line starting today through Thursday

Thomas Perumean
August 13, 2019 - 6:43 am

Getty Images - Photo Italia LLC


The City of New Orleans will open bidding on tax liens that are three years old today.  

Bidding for the lien notes will commence at 8am and run through Thursday at 5pm.  Over 12-hundred tax liens are being sold to investors to collect money owed to the city.  

City Treasurer Jules Nunn says, "we have a third party vendor who operates the actual site for us, takes care of all the bidding and all and they are at"

According to Nunn property owners can make a payment to remove their property from the sale, all they need to do is visit the Treasury Bureau on the first floor of City Hall during normal business hours. 

However, once the lien is sold, Nunn says, "The property owner has three years to redeem the sale through us and then after that, if they still wish to redeem the tax sale then they have to deal with the investor directly."

Nunn says the auction is for the debt only, and does not involve the forced sale of property in any way.  

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