S&WB fires contract employee after posting of racist photo

Korban: Upset this happened on his watch

Thomas Perumean
October 10, 2019 - 6:48 am

The Sewerage and Water Board has seen that a contract employee was fired by the company he worked for as result to the publishing of a racist photograph posted to social media.  

The photo was taken inside the S&WB machine shop and appeared on social media last week.  The picture made its way all the up the city's administrative level and was shared with Mayor LaToya Cantrell's office Friday after it went viral.  

The picture showed a bunch of green bananas inside a cage and featured a caption saying "racist white men" in the Maintenance Department had left it in the machine shop at the Carrollton Water Purification plant as a joke.  

A story in the Times-Picayune/Advocate says an investigation identified the person involved with it and had him terminated.  S&WB's press secretary called it a "reprehensible act."  

Executive Director Ghassan Korban let employees of S&WB know he was upset such an event has occured on his watch.  

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