Most Americans 'stuck in a rut' and disappointed with life

More than 75% are frustrated

Don Ames
August 23, 2018 - 6:22 am

According to a recent survey, more than half of Americans claim they are stuck in a rut, and over three-quarters of people are frustrated with their progress in life.

Unfortunately, however, many of those folks may be engaged in wishful thinking.

"I think a lot of people wish for things to be different," says Dr. Amy Dickson, Clinical Psychologist at LSU Health Sciences Center.

"But, in order to make changes, we really have to take the time to really think about what we want and how to make those changes."

Therein, may lie the problem.

"Change is hard," Dickson says. "And there's lots of pressure not to change. It's easier to stay in the rut than it is to get out. Even though you know you'd be happier if you did." 

"It's difficult. And people can easily talk themselves out of things and think about obstacles in their way and maybe agree to settle with where they are, instead of making that difficult effort to do something that may be hard for them but, ultimately in the long run, will be helpful." 

Of those who said they were unable to change their lives, the key factors they believe have been holding them back were money, motivation and not knowing where to start. According to the survey, nearly one in three lack the confidence or motivation to 'take a leap of faith' to go after their dreams.

"People don't often sit down and have a serious problem-solving discussion or use somebody as a sounding board to really think through those issues," Dickson says.

She says it's worth a try.

"Really do some deep thinking about what you're enjoying in your life...what you feel is going well and you want to continue. And, if you're unhappy, what do you think your main sources of your unhappiness might be."

The survey also found the most common aims of those who expressed disappointment with their lives were family, finances, love life and career.

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