March Madness doesn't have to be a productivity killer

It's all in how bosses handle it

Chris Miller
March 20, 2019 - 9:04 am

March Madness is about to begin! You have probably already got the email about filling out your brackets for the company pool.  Despite conventional wisdom about "lost productivity" in the office, the basketball tournament could be good for business. 

The Robert Half company surveyed senior managers, and most said March Madness is good for them. Seventy-two percent said it boosts morale, and 52 percent reported increased productivity.

UNO business professor Mark Rosa says it's all in how managers handle it.

"If they structure it right, the businesses structure it right, people can enjoy both things," said Rosa. "Just let us have a little more flexible time maybe to watch the game or keep up with an event that's going on, and it does raise morale."

The survey found 75 percent of companies will organize some kind of event around it, from filling out brackets to letting employees wear their team gear.

Rosa says offices just have to make sure they don't go too far and keep everyone engaged in their work as well, and says it's really a team effort by workers and managers to keep it fun, but professional.

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