Super Bowl LIV has crazy prop bets

For example which coach will be shown first during National Anthem, Andy Reid or Kyle Shanahan

Jim Hanzo
January 30, 2020 - 9:13 am

As we get ready for Super Bowl 54 this Sunday, bookmakers have opened up what is known as prop bets, those crazy bets not associated with point spread or over and under.  

It can be anything from the halftime attire of J-Lo and Shakira, to the coin toss according to Scott Cooley, odds consultant with Cool Media PR, who says one bet even combines the Super Bowl with the Pelicans Zion Williamson. for example, which will be higher, Jimmy Garoppolo pass completions or Zion Williamson's points and rebounds when the Pels play the Rockets that same day.  

"This one in particular has trended the other way where all the action has come in on Zion to have greater points plus rebound total than Jimmy Garoppolo's pass completions," Cooley said. 

But it doesn't end there.  Another bet is whether the Golden Gate Bridge will be shown and will the word Groundhog Day be mentioned since the game is played on Groundhog Day

There are prop bets regarding the coaches for Kansas City and San Francisco, Andy Reid and Kyle Shanahan.

"Which coach will be shown first during the National Anthem," Cooley said.    

And there are even bets on trick plays.

There are bets whether a flea flicker or Hail Mary is attempted," Cooley noted.  

Or how about whether Kansas City head coach Andy Reid’s punt/pass/kick childhood highlight will be shown?

Get you bets in.  Super Bowl 54 is Sunday at 5:30 p.m.  You can catch it here on WWL.   

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