Study suggests men are better navigators behind the wheel than women

Jim Hanzo
August 15, 2018 - 8:39 am

Who are better navigators in the car, men or women?  It's a hot topic and the debate is on.   

A new study in the Journal Memory and Cognition suggests men have the upper hand.  We asked people downtown to find out for ourselves.  

When it comes to directions, are men better navigators or women?  

"Women are better navigators," this man said.  "My wife is my navigator.  My job is to drive."   

"I think men are better, actually," this woman admitted.  Her friend disagreed and said women are.    

"Women, really and that's the final answer," this woman said.  

"I do not agree with the study that says men are better at directions than women, sorry," another woman said.    

I think women are better, because at least we'll ask for directions, opposed to men who try to figure it out on their own," said this woman.  

"Women are better," a man said.  "We think we're better until we get lost." 

In addition, the research showed men were more likely to take short cuts and on average reach their destination sooner.  

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