Who do you take more pics of, your pooch or your paramour?

Study finds dog owners capture more images of pet than of spouse

Chris Miller
February 23, 2019 - 4:57 pm

People who own dogs take more pictures of their furry friends than they do of their own spouse, according to a new study.

Rover.com, an online network that helps pet owners find services for their animals, found in its survey that 65 percent of dog owners take more pictures of their pups, rather than of their life partners.

Some other info the study found:

  • One fourth of dog owners have brought their pet on a date.
  • 47 percent of pet owners said they find it harder to leave their pet for a week than a human partner
  • 56 percent of dog owners greet their pet before they greet other occupants of their home
  • 54 percent of dog owners say if their dog didn't like their partner, they would consider ending the human end of the relationship 

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