The faithful from all over brave hurricane to catch Mick and the Stones!

Stones roll into town a day after a hurricane to blow NOLA off its feet!

Thomas Perumean
July 15, 2019 - 3:21 pm

Getty Images - Charles McQuillan


Ladies and gentleman, after two previous delays, it's the Rolling Stones!  

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The Rolling Stones are more than just rock'n'roll royalty, they're icons who move in their own world and in some cases, bring their own weather, just ask Cherie Rose of New Orleans: "In the 90's when I saw them in Birmingham and that followed with a tornado as I was leaving their concert--so they're associated with heavy weather!"  

The Mercedes-Benz Superdome show is a make up by the group after missing the 50th anniversary of Jazz Fest, as Mick Jagger was laid up following heart surgery.  The group graciously added New Orleans to their No Filter tour and were supposed to play Sunday night, but Hurricane...Tropical Storm...rainy mess Barry delayed it by one night.  

This gave fans extra time to make it to town to and still get good seats to the concert.  Mike Johnson drove four-and-a-half hours from Hartford, AL.  He's seen the Stones nine times, the first at the Superdome in 1978!  "And this'll be the tenth time, that's been 40-something years and I'm seeing them for the 10th time and maybe the last time.  I don't believe they'll be touring [anymore]--I hope so, but I doubt it."

WWL Tom Perumean

Ophelia (pictured) came in from Dallas, she wore her Rolling Stones' Brown Sugar shirt, and is ready to rock!  She's hoping to hear some favorites that she describes as 'the girl songs'.  "Brown Sugar, obviously, Honky Tonk Woman, Exile on Main Street.  I hope they play some Sticky Fingers stuff, Let it Bleed, just the ones that are the little gems that you don't hear on the radio."  Ophelia says she's following the tour, looking forward to see them in... "Houston and Denver, I'm thinking about following them to Florida after this concert."  

As with any appearance by the Stones, it's going to be a special night for a lot of people.  

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