State lawmakers face critical stage

June 20, 2018 - 1:19 pm

The Louisiana Legislature is now into day three of the third special session, and there are threats that it could go just like before.

Mitch Rabalais with says there are many tax bills up for consideration. The big question is, will any of them get support?

''There are eight sales tax bills being pushed, one supported by the governor and another one, being pushed by Republicans leadership, really, as a compromise bill,'' said Rabalais.

He says in many ways, this session seems like all the other ones, with the same combatants.

''There is a group within the legislature that is dug in, that has said 'no new taxes' and they're going to hold on and stick to that, so we' ll see." said Rabalais. "It could come down to a showdown in the final days."

The current budget expires at the end of the month, and so does the temporary "one clean penny" of sales tax lawmakers passed two years ago.  Lawmakers have just seven days left to take action before the state plunges off the fiscal cliff.

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