St. Tammany looks to launch virtual schooling quickly

Move comes just days after Jefferson Parish Schools offered online

Thomas Perumean
July 11, 2020 - 10:57 am
Move comes just days after Jefferson Parish Schools offered online educating



The public school system in St. Tammany Parish is working hard to launch an online option in the coming school years for students. 

Virtual school options are picking up steam as the coronavirus keeps kids and families home. 

STPPS looks to offer virtual schooling to kids of a variety of ages across the parish. 

It is not known how many students will take advantage of Virtual School. 

The district will open the online portal to register students for the virtual education program on the school board’s webpage July 15. 

Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Amiee Lemane told the Times-Picayune/New Orleans Advocate the program was initially intended for homebound students and students in other parts of the state also involved in online schooling. 

But with COVID-19 it’s very likely enrollment will pick up. 

“That’s why it’s important for us to get the registration started so we can start collecting hard data and see what our numbers look like,” Lemane told the paper. 

The STPPS Virtual School is expected to maintain the same standards as the district brick-and-mortar schools. 

Staffing for the new virtual program has started with the hiring of four teachers and a guidance counselor. 

Classes will be held on a Zoom-like platform. 

“If this was going to be a regular year, I would think that four teachers would be enough,” Lemane said. “We’ll know when we have registration, and we’ll have flexibility to move current teachers into the program.”

St. Tammany Schools is speeding up its plan to buy Chromebooks for students throughout the entire school system.

The computers can serve a number of uses. 

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