Spring is a buyer's market in real estate

Buyer demand drastically increased during April, May, into June

Jim Hanzo
May 23, 2019 - 8:48 am

According to 2 separate reports, when it comes to real estate, buyer demand dramatically increased over the last 3 months.  According to  the National Association of Realtors Buyer Traffic Index and Showing Time Index it's become a spring buyers market.  

Real Estate analyst, Wade Ragas says the market is good as a whole during this time when kids are getting out of school, college kids coming back home and he notes that many times corporations engage in relocation activity 

"They do more of it during this time because they understand that their people need time to get resituated especially with children," Ragas said.  

Some thriving areas are western St. Tammany has strengthened quite a bit along with eastern Tangipahoa Parish in the Pontchatoula area on into Hammond. 

"The market strengthens from early April to the end of May or early June as households with children or for whatever reasons that are under pressure to move tend to do that during that period, Ragas added. 

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