Some folks are altering Memorial Day weekend plans because of the possible rainy weather

Jim Hanzo
May 25, 2018 - 10:30 am

Lots of plans for the next few days may get washed away with the threat of rain over the Memorial Day weekend.  We checked in with some folks to find out if plans will be affected.  

Some people said they're changing plans and going in the opposite direction of the rain.

"I'm going to Arkansas so hopefully it won't be too bad," said one lady.

"I'm going to Texas, so I think we're heading in the opposite direction of the rain," said this man whose family plans have changed because of the weather.  

"Well, I had planned on doing some yard work until I found out it was going to rain all weekend," said this woman.

"This is us traveling right now," said another woman.  "We're too poor to have canceled our plans." 

One lady said her family's plans won't change.

"As long as it is not lighting, we're good," she said.  "I played in the rain as a kid so it's okay." 

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