SI urges national fans to "rethink" Drew Brees

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
November 27, 2018 - 11:30 am

Sports Illustrated uses the latest issue to encourage readers to stop calling Saints Quarterback Drew Brees an Underdog.

"The short guy with the shoulder injury. The rejection in San Diego and the posthurricane redemption in New Orleans. Six feet of calm, cool and collected dad, overshadowed by his glitzier quarterback cohort. If this is how you see the Saints’ quarterback—boy, are you missing out,"  SI's Kari Stephenson says.

It's part of the promotion for the article, "Drew Brees Is Hiding in Plain Sight."

Writer Greg Bishop put together the cover story.

He calls Brees a "genius-surgeon-robo-quarterback."

He also states, "Drew Brees, one of the greatest quarterbacks, if not the greatest, who ever lived."

You can read it here...

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