Shreveport reverses 12-year-old 'saggy pants' ordinance

Chris Miller
June 12, 2019 - 1:57 pm

Joe Raedle/Getty Images


The Shreveport city council has decided saggy pants are okay after all. In a 6-1 vote, it overturned a 2007 ordinance that banned people from wearing pants below their waistlines. 

ACLU Louisiana Legal Director Katie Schwartzmann said the law is has proven to be racially motivated. She also says the government having to the ability to dictate clothing choices is a violation of rights.

"We think that violates people's first amendment rights to freedom of expression, and it's essentially just government overreaching," said Schwartzmann. "I don't think anybody wants the government telling us as citizens what we can wear."

The lone vote to keep the law in place came from Councilman James Flurry. Flurry says he believes the law was put into place, not as an excuse to target a particular population, but to regulate decency standards for fashion. 

"You wear a t-shirt, a muscle-looking shirt, white, and if I wore that...and a baseball cap I'm sure somebody would say I was trying to be alike a redneck," said Flurry.

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