Should hand-held cell phones be banned while driving?

April 17, 2018 - 8:33 am

Should lawmakers in Baton Rouge vote to outlaw the use of hand held devices while driving a vehicle?  

A House vote is scheduled for today on the measure.  

We asked some folks how they feel and most think it should be done.  One woman is definitely in favor of the ban and says driving on the I-10, to and from work is downright scary.  

"I've seen people weaving in lanes and not knowing it and this is what you protect yourself against every day, more than you do someone who's speeding," she said.  "I'm definitely for it and they can do more than that."

"Yeah they should ban it, definitely," this man said.  "It's high time."  

"It makes me get road rage when I see someone else driving and on their phone," said another young lady.   

"You know, I don't use a cell phone in the car so it's not going to hurt me, so I'm for it," said one worker downtown.  

"There's already enough people on the road that don't know how to drive, and there is more people on the road that don't know how to use their cell phone that they are trying to use, while they don't even know how to drive," said this man making his point.    

The bill by state rep. Mike Huval makes it illegal to place your hands on your cell phone while driving, has passed the House Transportation committee and now heads to the House floor. 

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