Sewerage & Water Board: 2 key employees unreachable during pressure loss

Chris Miller
December 03, 2018 - 12:11 pm

When the New Orleans water system lost power two weeks ago, causing a pressure drop that led to a boil advisory the weekend before Thanksgiving, two senior Sewerage & Water Board employees who were supposed to be there couldn't be found.

S&WB Executive Director Ghassan Korban told the New Orleans City Council Utilities Committee Monday that the two were "AWOL" as an underling fought to maintain water pressure.

"They didn’t necessarily leave, but they were not available," said Korban. "They were not communicating and they had a crucial assignment. They were present and they were, again, missing in action, they were not to be found."

Councilman Jay Banks wanted to be sure of what Korban was saying: "So is it that they did not have the skills necessary to do whatever the job was, they didn't understand they needed to do the job, or they just said, 'screw it, I ain't gonna do it?'"

"It was there latter," Korban explained. "They knew exactly what their jobs were, they knew how to do their jobs, they opted not to do it."

Korban said one of the Sewerage and Water Board employees who disappeared has been suspended. The other resigned.

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