Senators push for more than just an extension in Flood Insurance renewal effort

WWL Newsroom
July 19, 2019 - 7:34 am

Louisiana Senators are leading an effort to extend and improve the National Flood Insurance Program.  

The legislation proposed  includes affordability vouchers to help low and middle income residents in the state pay their premiums Louisiana, even if their flood risk has increased.

“Imagine the couple who bought a home near the beach or the river valley in 1958, and now they are in their elderly years and they can no longer afford their insurance because their risk has risen,”  Senator Bill Cassidy said. 

The bill also authorizes FEMA to offer low interest flood mitigation loans to home owners, a dedicated billion dollar fund for flood mitigation projects and more.  

“Even though it is low interest, it actually saves the taxpayer money, because it allows the taxpayer to do that which is going to save the taxpayer money.” said Cassidy.

The fund will authorize 200-million dollars a year for five years.

It's a lot of money but Senator Bill Cassidy says the proposals pay for themselves.  

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