Sen. Kennedy says he's thinking about running for Governor

April 11, 2018 - 10:09 pm


Speculation continues over who will run against Governor John Bel Edwards as we are 18 months out from the primary. Two Republicans have come to the forefront, U.S. Senator John Kennedy and U.S. Senator Ralph Abraham. Both say they are exploring the idea of running. Kennedy was asked about it Wednesday.

“I’m thinking very seriously about it. I haven’t made a decision. I don’t think Governor Edwards has been a very effective governor. He’s basically let illegal immigrants in, and let dangerous criminals out and whined for more money,” said Kennedy.

Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat says based on what Kennedy has said in the last few months, indicates to him Kennedy will make a run for the Governor’s Mansion.

“He’s making statements about the governor, he’s making statements about legislation… he’s making statements about conditions in the state. We’re looking at somebody who’s probably going to run,” said Pinsonat.

Pinsonat says in order for the Republican Party to solidify their stance in the Governor’s race, Kennedy needs to make his intentions known soon.

“I think Kennedy has to move very quickly on his decision by this August. The governor’s race will actually start by the end of this year, and early next year the race will be on, so Kennedy has to make a decision,” said Pinsonat.

Abraham has also been critical of Edwards and seems poised to start a campaign. But Pinsonat says if Kennedy decides to run, he'll be the main GOP challenger.
“All of the money, all the political support… everything will flow to Kennedy because he’s a United States Senator. He’s very well-known statewide. He has the ability to raise money,” said Pinsonat.

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