Gunman ambushes man outside funeral home

November 12, 2018 - 3:18 pm


Police are on the hunt for the gunman who ambushed a man outside of a funeral in Crowley. The funeral was being held for a late October shooting victim, and his mother who passed away from health complications two days later. Crowley Police Chief Jimmy Broussard says the heartbreak continued Saturday…

“One of the attendees stepped outside and gunfire erupted. The victim was hit multiple times.”

Broussard says the search is on for the shooters who jumped out from behind a bush and opened fire, then fled in an unknown direction.

“The shooters allegedly came from one area, and left by that area. The only thing that we have is that they were both in black hoodies.”

Broussard says suspects in the initial shooting that led to the funeral were apprehended in two days.

The Chief says it’s a horrific event, but thankfully no one else at the funeral, or outside of the building was injured in the shooting. He says the minister was able to keep his congregation safe during the chaos.

“People were distraught and screaming and hollering. The minister was able to keep calm and get everyone to get down in case there were any stray bullets.”

Broussard says roughly 200 people were at the service.

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