Seafood popular for Saints watch parties

David Blake
January 12, 2018 - 3:25 pm

Seafood will be popular at Saints playoff parties this Sunday!  A quick check around the area finds the local market in good shape with crawfish available 
at a number of locations. 

At Kenney's Seafood in Slidell, manager Ricky Vanetten says mud bugs are hot.

''Believe or not it's crawfish," said Vanetten. "The season just started for them and we've got them live and boiled at $4.99 a pound and everybody wants them."

Vanetten says shrimp will run a close second.

''Fresh shrimp from the Gulf, we've have a 13 to 15 count for $5.99 a pound and 21 to 25 count at $3.99 a pound.''

Plenty of lysters and crab and they expect big crowds at their doors when they open Sunday morning.

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