Scalise on impeachment: Get over it

Minority Whip says Democrats can't accept fact they lost 2016 election

Thomas Perumean
September 25, 2019 - 5:27 am


"This is embarassing that Speaker Pelosi continues this witch hunt." Congressman Steve Scalise replied after news of the impeachment inquiry was made.  "They were hangin' everything on the Mueller report showing something and its clear there was no collusion.  And they should've given it up then, but they can't let go."

The latest attempt to remove the President from office is built on an allegation he misused Presidential power to enlist Ukraine to help him bring down 2020 Candidate Joe Biden.  President Trump temporarily withheld military aid from the East European country and acknowledges pressing the country's leader to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son.

This has prompted a showdown with Congress, and Democrats say it helped tip the balance in the debate over whether to launch a formal impeachment inquiry into Trump with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declaring the President betrayed "the oath of his office."

But Scalise, voicing the feelings of House Republicans, stated plainly, "Filing articles of impeachment, it's one of those sacred responsibilities Congress has.  It shouldn't be used to usurpt the results of an election in 2016."  


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