Saints gear still selling despite protests by some players

Jim Hanzo
September 28, 2017 - 8:41 am

As we get ready to see the fans With the controversy surrounding some Saints players not standing for the national anthem, have sales on Saints gear slipped?  

Not a bad week of sales for Saints gear, according to Pam Randazza, owner of the Black and Gold Sports Shop in Metairie,  who says so far, no reduction when it comes to selling black and gold gear.  

"It's kind of hard to tell right now," said Randazza.  "There are thousands and thousands of people that are going to the London game, and they've been rolling in here for the last month.  They've been rolling in since they announced the game."   

Randazza says this week is no exception.  

"This week, it's been unbelievable," she added.  "The people coming in, they want an outfit every day that they are there and they want to wear Saints outfits." 

Many people waited until they found out what the weather would be like in London.  

"I sold more jackets in September since, maybe, the last London game," Randazza laughed. 

Another owner said he's seen no letup in sales at his store, either.  

But still she says only time will tell how much, the protests by some players, will have on sales down the road.  

"It's really a tough decision, right now, for a lot of people because there is a lot of Saints loyalty," she said. 


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