Saints fans think Bridgewater will play good enough to win against the Bears

Fan: Defense is building on something special

Jim Hanzo
October 18, 2019 - 9:06 am



The Saints on a 4 game winning streak head to Chicago this weekend to play the Bears.  We talked to Saints fans who believe this should be a tough game for the Saints.  

The Saints offense has been stagnant except for the Tampa Bay Game.  Do fans expect the Saints to do better offensively this week?

"They haven't missed a beat, I mean Bridgewater is doing a heck-uv-a good job," said one man who believes they will win.  "I know this, a team is only as good as their backup quarterback."  

"The Saints are going to win, no doubt about it, they will beat them," this woman said.    

"The Saints are going to be able to handle them, but I'm just a little worried about Kamara if he is going to be able to play or not," another man noted. 

But then what about the Saints defense against the Bears offense?  

"I believe they are going to be able to hold up just because slowly but surely they're starting to build something there, so hopefully they'll be able to shine brightly out there in Chicago," one man told us. 

"The whole team is going to come together as a team as they have been doing and get it done,"  said this female Saints fan.  

Kickoff is Sunday at 3:25 p.m. here on WWL.

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