Saints fans deeply disappointed in the loss on MNF

Jim Hanzo
September 12, 2017 - 8:47 am

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports


What went wrong in the Saints loss to the Vikings?  It just was not a good showing by the Saints.  We asked Saints fans in Kenner to give us their take.

"The offensive line still can't make holes, or block anybody," one man said.  "Am I wrong, I mean, you saw the game, right?"

"Drew Brees looked like Archie Manning, a great quarterback running for his life," said another disappointed Saints fan.

When asked if we can bounce back from a loss like this, he replied, "Absolutely, I haven't lost faith, that's why you play 16 games." 

"I think we all had high hopes and expectations after the preseason games, but this was just a big letdown," said a woman who watched the game.  "Hopefully we can bounce back."   

"We have no defensive pressure up-front and our cornerbacks are inexperienced and did not play well," another man added. 

"They've just got to work out the kinks and get themselves together," this loyal fan said.  

Next up the Saints host the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots in the Superdome on Sunday.  

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