Saints fans: After the Taysom Hill blocked punt, the offense came alive

Jim Hanzo
December 10, 2018 - 9:03 am



It looked like 2 different teams from one half to the next, but in the end the Saints came from behind to beat the Bucs.  We talked with Saints fans after it was over and they agree the play of the game was the blocked punt by Taysom Hill.  

"I think they looked a little sluggish in the first half but they came back and got the big play by Taysom Hill, got some energy and played like the Saints we know," one Saints fan noted.  "Now we get back on a winning streak.  What do we need, 6 more to win a Super Bowl?  Let's get it back and going."

"We just needed (Taysom) Hill in there, that's all we needed," this man said.  "Without the blocked punt we would have lost."    

"A whole new team came out in the second half and the blocked punt was the spark they needed," said this Saints fan.     

"That Hill blocked punt, that turned the tide for us," said another fan.  "And so it went on.  The offense came alive."    

Next up for the Black and Gold, the Panthers in Carolina on Monday night.  

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