Saints drop in various NFL "power rankings," remain #1 at

Washington Post drops Saints all the way to #4

Chris Miller
December 04, 2018 - 12:58 pm

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

After the 13-10 loss at Dallas to the Cowboys Thursday night, various sports pundits have dropped the New Orleans Saints from the number one position in their power rankings of NFL teams.

The Saints had moved up to number one largely following their win over the then-undefeated Los Angeles Rams Sunday, November 4. Following up that game with blowouts at Cincinnati, against Philadelphia, and a two-touchdown win over rival Atlanta made it near unanimous.

Then came the loss at Dallas, and USA TODAY, ESPN, and Yahoo! Sports all dropped the Saints to number two, elevating the Rams to number one. 

The Washington Post dropped the Saints all the way to number four, behind the Rams, Patriots, and Chiefs, saying "no one should overreact to the loss Thursday night in Dallas. It was only one game, after all. But no one should ignore it, either."

But's Elliot Harrison keeps the Saints at number one despite the loss, writing, "New Orleans narrowly lost despite Drew Brees being off his game for much of the night (even when he was not under heavy duress). The Saints' defense was fantastic, proving its No. 1 ranking against the run does not stem solely from opponents deciding to ignore the ground game in hopes of catching Brees and the offense through the air." 

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