Is LSU the country's best college football team?

Tigers turn the Tide in Tuscaloosa

Don Ames
November 11, 2019 - 6:50 am

The doubters should be done, the skeptics have been silenced. LSU took it to the Tide in Tuscaloosa on Saturday. And, they should get more good news soon.

The next College Football Playoff rankings will be announced on Tuesday. Will the committee move LSU up to the top spot ahead of Ohio State? WWL LSU analyst, Jeff Palermo, thinks the Tigers deserve it.

"When you beat a team like Alabama, who was rated third in the college football playoff rankings, it's just hard to imagine that they won't be #1."

Yes, the current #1, Ohio State, ran up a 73-14 victory Saturday, but they blew out a bad Maryland team.

Meanwhile, LSU had to overcome some tough obstacles to gain their victory.

"Considering they went on the road, they were nearly a touchdown underdog, they went to a place that's difficult to win at, they break a string of 8 consecutive losses to them and they end up winning the game."

They also ended the Tide's 31-game home win streak.

So it's quite likely the playoff ranking will mirror the Tigers' top spot in the AP Top 25.

But, whether they stay in the 2 spot or jump Ohio State for #1, Palermo thinks LSU will definitely make a semi-final appearance in the Peach Bowl or the Fiesta Bowl...and could be headed for an eventual showdown with Ohio State.

"This puts LSU in the catbird seat at this point. I mean, they really could afford to lose a game even if they lost to Texas A&M or if they lost in the SEC Championship Game. I think that win against Alabama pretty much assures them a spot in the college football playoffs, as long as they don't lose to Arkansas or Ole Miss, which seems pretty unlikely."

It is likely the Tigers have almost certainly knocked Alabama out of contention. The Tide still has a path to the Playoff, but it's a narrow one. In fact, Alabama is in the worst position of all one-loss Power 5 teams, and one of only three that don’t currently control their own destiny.

There has never been a playoff without Alabama. The Crimson Tide is 5-for-5. To keep that streak going, the Tide is going to need some help - from other teams and the selection committee.

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