Rouse's Markets reports record year for King Cake sales

March 07, 2019 - 7:43 pm

( - Fat Tuesday had come and gone and this year presented a longer carnival season.  Plenty of King Cakes were consumed as part of the celebration. Bakery Director for Rouse's Markets Michelle Knight said they have seen record sales for the sugary treat.

“We’re still pumping them out today.  We do have quite a bit of shipping going out the last couple of days, they haven’t stopped yet.  We’ve definitely sold over a half million,” said Knight.

Knight says several flavors stood out as the front runners for being the most popular variations.

“I  would have to say the plain, but of the flavor filling ones, I’d say it would be a tie between cream cheese and the Bavarian cream,” said Knight.

Knight said their King Cakes are baked fresh with no preservatives and only have about a three or four-day shelf life, but those that absolutely must have more King Cake, she added more are coming with an Irish twist in honor of St. Paddy’s Day.

“The all green sugared King Cakes and we are going to have a great special on those.  It’s going to be awesome for St. Paddy’s week.  So everyone definitely needs to come get one of our great King Cakes,” said Knight.

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