Rocket facility expansion bringing jobs to Stennis

California's Relativity Aerospace to invest $59-million in project

Thomas Perumean
June 12, 2019 - 7:57 am

Getty Images - Bill Ingalls/NASA

They may design new rockets to reach outer space in California, but when it comes to building and testing them, the Gulf South is the region to get the job done.  

Relavtity Aerospace is poised to pump $59-million dollars into expanding a test facility at NASA Stennis Space Center.  The investment will bring more than a hundred new jobs to the region.  State and local governments are likely to give Relativity more than $4.7 million in aid and tax breaks over the next 10 years as part of the deal.  

The project calls for Relativity to lease space at Stennis for the expansion.  The company will building a 25-acre complex to test their engines of the Terran space vehicle.  The E4 Test Complex will allow Relativity to have four 'cells' to test entive space vehicles as well as engines.  

A 15-thousand square foot research and assembly hall will also be constructed.  Relativity plans to build rockets through its three-dimensional metal printing machine called Stargate.  Building Stargate and bringing it on line will take about one year.  Relativity's website says the new test center will perform development, qualification and acceptance testing of the groundbreaking Terran rocket.  

The ambitious project is on an excellerated schedule, as Relativity plans to launch a test vehicle in 2020 and start commercial space launch serves from Cape Canaveral the next year.  

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