The rising temps and rain bringing those pesky mosquitoes

Jim Hanzo
May 16, 2018 - 9:35 am

As we approach the summer months and temperatures are rising, the pesky mosquitoes are beginning to make their presence known.  

The temperature plays a key factor in determining when the mosquitoes come out.  And now with temperatures in the 90s, neighborhoods are starting to feel those annoying pests.   Steve Pavlovich, entomologist with Jefferson Parish Mosquito Control, says trucks have been hitting the streets.  
"We've been spraying since the second week of March and we continue to ramp up efforts as the bug population has grown, and part of that is the temperature has risen and we've gotten more rainfall," Pavlovich said.  

He says as the temperatures rise along with any rainfall that comes, that will activate another brood of mosquitoes, usually in about 7 days. 

The last hard rain was about 2 weeks ago but that was enough to get the mosquitoes started.

"That was able to activate a brood of mosquitoes that have popped off," he added.  "Typically in the springtime, we'll see these cycles of rain followed by a little bit of drought conditions, and usually, 7 to 10 days later we have mosquitoes hatch off."     

 Pavlovich says we'll usually notice the mosquitoes biting around dusk.    

He said it's always a good idea to eliminate standing water around your home.  

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