Rising gas prices on the horizon?

Chris Miller
February 11, 2019 - 11:37 am

Gasoline prices could be feeling extra pressure due to the political situation in Venezuela, to the tune of 75 cents a gallon. 

President Trump has ordered sanctions on Venezuelan oil, hoping to topple the Nicolás Maduro regime. It means U.S. refineries can no longer take oil imported from Venezuela, and that could have ripple effects that reach consumer's wallets.

AAA fuel expert Don Redman says this isn't coming at a great time for drivers, since now is when local refineries start refining more expensive summer-grade fuel. 

"We usually see, and can expect prices in the spring, on average from about 50-60 cents a gallon from where we are in January-February," said Redman. "It's very possible that that average could be more in the 75 cent range."

Redman says there are still a lot of variables that can affect things either way before we get there.


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