Restaurants close out year with big night

Chris Miller
December 31, 2018 - 10:57 am

It's New Year's Eve, a big night for going out! 

Tonight ranks up their with Valentine's Day and Mother's Day for restaurants, but even if you didn't make a reservation, WWL Food Show host Tom Fitzmorris says you might get lucky if you just pick up a phone.

"It's worth calling them and saying, 'listen, I hope you have any cancellations, because I'd like one of them,' and you can get in some restaurants that you might find it surprising that you were able to."

Tom says some restaurants might be short handed, even on this busy night, because their own staffs wanted to be able to go out tonight.

"Just about any independent restaurant the have to go through some special arrangements, mainly with their employees," Tom said. "A lot of restaurants manage to hire people just on the basis of, 'Okay, you won't have to work on New Years' Eve.' That's no kidding."

Hotels, he says, might be the best bet. 

"The hotels don't cut things like that and they tend to really have nice arrays of not just food, but also, live music," said Tom.

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