Research: Drowsy driving is a serious problem

Jim Hanzo
June 14, 2018 - 7:21 am

A study from AAA reports some shocking research. 

60 percent of adults admit to drowsy driving and 33 percent have fallen asleep at the wheel.  Not only that but the number of crashes involving drowsiness is nearly 8 times higher than federal estimates indicate.  State trooper Melissa Matey says it's a problem. 

"A lot of times when police are on the road and we look at different drivers and how somebody's behaviors are behind the wheel, drowsy driving looks very similar to impaired driving to us, so we will stop people suspecting impairment when it turn it turns out to be drowsy driving," Matey said.  

Her advice, pull over, stretch your lakes, get a cup of coffee and if you have to spend the night in a hotel, do so.   

"A lot of people have been in that situation before, where you've been driving for an extended period, and sometimes you just get sleepy, so again, at that point you've got to pull over," she adds. "Or have someone in the car with them.  It's easier when you have someone in the car with them to say 'hey, look you are getting a little tired, let me drive,'" she said.  

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