Research: Anger can be detrimental to our health

It raises blood pressure, could cause cardiac arrest

Jim Hanzo
May 22, 2019 - 9:13 am

If you think that being sad is bad for your health think again.  The angrier you are later in life the more damage you will do to your physical health, according to a Canadian researcher.  

The team of researchers discovered that daily feelings of anger led to higher levels of inflammation and chronic illness in older people.

Dr. Michelle Moore, LSU Health Licensed Clinical Psychologist agrees.

"I think anger can have some real detrimental effects on our health," said Dr. Moore.  "It raises your blood pressure, might get your heart pumping even faster  than it should be, it could cause people cardiac arrest."

Impacting our heath adversely, but she says we shouldn't be angry all the time and it can be controlled.

"We all have to learn to calm down and one of the ways that is best to calm down is to learn to take deep breaths," Moore said.     

Moore says this can even have an effect on children who learn from grown ups.  

"You are already influencing these young children to start acting with these anger responses and it's building up kind of this rage inside of them which that might get them into trouble in school, lead to behavior problems," she added.  "So you see over time, how something that may seem simple like anger can actually have a lot more negative effects on longterm health outcomes."  

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