Republican governors meet in New Orleans

March 18, 2019 - 9:45 am


The Republican Governors Association is throwing a fundraiser in New Orleans today, trying to build up steam to take out the only Democratic governor in an SEC state. But political analyst Bernie Pinsonat says the big money raised today will likely not end up in one of the Republican candidate’s account anytime soon.

“If you had one declared candidate, then the governor would be in here with that candidate raising a lot of money for them, and you would already be seeing ads for them.”

Congressman Ralph Abraham and businessman Eddie Rispone are the only two Republicans challenging Governor John Bel Edwards, so far.

But Pinsonat says the tip jar cash certainly won’t go to waste, and Louisianans should prepare to start seeing an increasing number of anti-Edwards ads in rotation while Republicans figure out which of their two candidates will be the standard bearer.

“What they can do is start raising a lot of money and start running ads against the Democratic governor and soften him up so whichever one makes the run-off, it up’s their chances to beat Edwards.”

Edwards will be the top target for Republicans in the fall, and Pinsonat says that means they’ll be calling in the big guns, including the Commander in Chief. Pinsonat says when Trump shows up, expect a six to seven point surge in the polls for his chosen Republican candidate.

“He literally elected two or three major candidates for governor and the Senate in the south, and it was through his efforts primarily that they won.”

Edwards has previously spoken of his cordial relationship with the President, who reportedly called the governor one of his favorite Democrats.

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