Rep. Higgins aims to have congressmen drug tested randomly

September 13, 2018 - 1:29 pm


Southwest Louisiana Congressman Clay Higgins introduces legislation that would mandate random drug tests for U-S House and Senate members. If there's a failed test, the Ethics Committee can take further action. Higgins says many middle class Americans are drug tested for their jobs, so why shouldn’t congressmen?

“That’s a certain connection to the American citizenry that we serve that is reflective of the disconnect between Washington DC and the rest of the nation.”

The bill would enact a random drug test once per congress, which would be paid for by those taking the test.

Higgins says drug tests are an important part of professional life, and that you wouldn’t want emergency personnel to be intoxicated on the job, you sure wouldn’t want legislators to be under the influence either.

“If you’re representing the company, operating heavy equipment or whatever, doing dangerous work. You certainly don’t want your firemen or police officers showing up to help you in a bind you certainly don’t want them to be high do you?”

Higgins says the bill wasn’t inspired by a colleagues in particular, but he has seen a few things in the halls of Congress that might raise eyebrows.

“As a police officer for many many years I’m quite adept at recognizing… impairment shall we say. I’ve recognized some behaviors up here that causes a fella to wonder.”

Higgins says early polling shows the legislation is unlikely to make it out of committee, but says he’s looking forward to hearing explanations from no voters.

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